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We've got packages and items for sale that would make great gift ideas for this holiday season! Check out what we offer here!

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​Meet Our Meats

Rath's Deli & Butcher 

All of our meats are only the finest quality. We serve only choice grade or higher fresh & marinated meats. All of our beef  is from the mid-west. The pork is from Hatfield PA. All of our chicken is free range. No hormones are added to our meats, they are all all-natural.

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Do you want to fill up your freezer without breaking the bank? Buy in bulk from one of our 8 different meat packages. We design them to save you money whiling filling your freezer! Click here to browse our selection.

Looking to host a party? Rath's will cater it! We make it as easy as you'd like by helping with heating, cooking, and even delivery! Check out our full catering menu here.

Christmas Dinners

Complete Christmas dinners now available to order! Enjoy the simplicity of a fully cooked meal, which only requires heating. Less cooking = more time with the family! Check out the offer here.

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