Christmas Dinner

No time to cook this Christmas? No problem! Rath's is offering an option of 2 fully cooked dinners this year so you don't have to stress over a hot stove all day.

First Dinner Option

​*Certified Premium Beef Boneless Rib Roast

​*Choice of Garlic Mashed Red Skin Potatoes or Rice Pilaf

​*Choice of String Bean Almandine or Broccoli & Garlic

​*AuJus - Natural Broth

​Fully Cooked, Feeds 8-10 Guests.


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Christmas Specialties

Rath's has a wide variety of Christmas Specials for sale this year. Our list includes and is not limited to:

*Filet Roasts
​*Prime Rib Roasts(Boneless or Bone-In)
​​* Kielbasa(Single, Double Smoked & Fresh)

​*Hams(Bone-In, Boneless, Fresh,
Smoked: Spiral Cut & Honey Glazed)
​*Crown Roasts(With or without Stuffing)
​*Tons of Catering Options(See our Catering Page!)​

A Cut Above the Rest

Second Dinner Option

​*Rath's Oven Gold Turkey Sliced

​*Choice of Vegetable or Cranberry Stuffing

​*Choice of Yukon Gold or Sweet Mashed Potatoes

​*Choice of Baby Carrots or String Bean Almandine

​*One Quarts of Turkey Gravy

​*One Pint Homemade Cranberry Sauce

​Fully Cooked, Feeds 8-10 Guests.